The Puglian town of Locorotondo, Italy is definitely enchanting! I was greeted by a maze of white-washed houses adorned with elegant wrought-iron balconies, dripping with flowers! Not to mention, Locorotondo Puglia is listed as one of Italy’s prettiest small towns in I borghi più belli d’Italia (most beautiful villages in Italy). This is certainly a well-deserved honor!


Locorotondo (rotundo means round) is a village built in a circular fashion positioned above the beautiful Valle d’Itria. The hillside is filled with vineyards, olive groves and sprinkled with Trulli homes. Furthermore, I found a wonderful maze of pretty narrow streets which wind up to the central piazza.

Things to see and do…..

Sirose Bufano Winery

Via Nardelli is the ‘balcony’ road of town – a wonderful place for you to view the spectacular countryside surrounding Locorotondo Italy. Definitely take a nice walk and enjoy the panoramic views of the valley below. On Via Nardelli, you will find great places to sit and eat. After all, it’s time for an Aperol Spritz! Moreover, you can take a staircase down from here, to the vineyards of Sirose Bufano Winery for a wine tasting and bites.

We had the most amazing lunch and drinks at Controra overlooking the countryside. An incredible sandwich of prosciutto, stracciatella cheese, and pistachios. Stracciatella is the delicious gooey inside of burrata cheese and is extremely popular in Puglia! I suggest you make a stop here!

Lorocotondo Puglia is a town to simply get lost in for a few hours or immersed in for a day or two. The great thing about Locorotondo is that it is not yet crowded with tons of tourists. Therefore, you can stroll around and really get the natural vibe of this special town. Centro Storico has many tiny streets to wander and places to sit in the sun and just take in the atmosphere.

What to See & Do

By all means, roam the white washed streets and take a huge amount of pictures. Furthermore, try traditional Puglian food, such as orecchiette. And let’s not forget the wine! There are several wineries and wine bars with wine straight from the Puglia region.

Palazzo Morelli

At the center of old town is stunning Palazzo Morelli. The palace boasts an entrance in Baroque architecture which is the finest example in Locorotondo. The ornate balconies with rounded wrought iron railings, is a true example of supreme art and engineering from the 18th century. 


Be sure to visit Villa Comunale Park. It contains 19th century gardens has a view of the valley. There is an extremely moving monument honoring all fallen soldiers from Locorotundo during WW1 and WW2. It was so sad to see the same last names from one war to the next. Many families here sacrificed their loved ones to fight fascism and Nazi Germany. It is hard to believe in what is now a beautiful, peaceful town.

My Favorite Restaurant in Locorotondo Italy

U Curdunn Ristorante

U Curdunn is a delicious restaurant serving traditional local cuisine. You can dine outside or in the elegant, stone vaulted rooms inside. Great atmosphere with excellent pastas and wines. You won’t be disappointed!

My Favorite Locorotundo Puglia Hotel

When I booked a suite at Sotto Le Cummerse Albergo Diffuso, I never imagined what we would get for such a great price. We had and entire three-floor apartment with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a full kitchen and a terrace! Moreover, they owned the best breakfast spot just steps away. I highly recommend this hotel – you will be very happy!

I fell in love with Locorotondo Puglia and its locals – when you visit, you will also. In summary, in order to fully explore the restaurants, cafes, and shops, I recommend spending one night in Lorocotundo. However, the whole city can be seen in a day, making it perfect to combine with Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, Aberobello and Lecce, as well as other areas in Puglia.
Locorotondo Italy is certainly charming!