Santorini Greece


There are countless reasons to make sure you visit the stunning island of Santorini Greece. First of all, this island possesses the most magnificent natural beauty in the Cyclades. A volcanic eruption thousands of years ago gave Santorini its distinctive crescent shape, sheer cliffs and shimmering bay called the Caldera. It has entranced visitors and locals alike ever since. Not only is its beauty extraordinary, but it also has lovely beaches, traditional Greek architecture and an exciting nightlife. In addition, there are several archaeological sites to visit. Therefore, Santorini has something for everyone,  making it one of the most frequented spot in the Greek Islands.

Knowing where to stay in Santorini will depend on your personal preference. If you want stunning views, blue domes and whitewashed buildings, stay on the caldera.  All villages on the caldera side of Santorini are perched high on clifftops. Conversely, if you love the beach and need to sun worship, the other side of the island has beachfront villages. Keep in mind that it is easy to travel from one end of Santorini to the other in about 35 minutes.  All things considered, Santorini Greece is a “do not miss” destination!

Santorini Greece – Towns and Villages

Santorini Greece Oia

The most magical and enchanting village on Santorini is Oia. Likewise, it is definitely the most romantic! It is the true gem and quintessential image of the Greek Islands.  I definitely recommend Oia as a place you must visit if you are in Santorini. Read more in my OIA TRAVEL GUIDE

Santorini Greece Fira

Fira is the capital and most cosmopolitan town in Santorini. The airport and main ferry port are located in Fira. It is a bustling town with countless numbers of restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes at your finger tips as well as gift, souvenir, and clothes shops. Read more in my FIRA TRAVEL GUIDE

Santorini Greece Kamari

Kamari is a lively and vibrant seaside resort village.  There are numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and cute shops that line the beachfront promenade.  This popular beach has alluring black volcanic sand, and rentals of beds and umbrellas. There are water sports to enjoy and you can take a quick boat ride to Perissa beach.  Read more in my KAMARI TRAVEL GUIDE

Santorini Greece Hotels


Santorini has fantastic world class hotels, luxury boutique hotels and wonderful B&B’s. Many have pools and jacuzzis.  Most of the properties are traditional cave homes built into cliffs with spectacular views of the shimmering caldera.  Go to my SANTORINI HOTEL GUIDE for great hotel suggestions.

Santorini Greece Restaurants

If you are a lover of fine cuisine, then you should absolutely try the local delicacies such as tomato balls, fried white eggplant, fava bean dip (lentil), and fresh seafood dishes.  You will definitely see octopus hanging to dry and be grilled!  Yummy!  In any event, don’t forget to try a simple gyro with tzatziki sauce for lunch! Finally, make sure you accompany your meal with a delicious Santorinian wine.  Enjoy the amazing restaurants that Santorini has to offer.  For excellent dining suggestions visit my SANTORINI RESTAURANT GUIDE

Santorini Greece Beaches

In the first place, Santorini is especially renowned for its colorful Red and White Beaches in Akrotiri as well as the Black Beaches in Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, and Monolithos.  Indeed, this is the reason why thousands of visitors choose to travel to Santorini Greece. Learn more about these beaches in my SANTORINI BEACH GUIDE

Santorini Greece Events

Santorini has many wonderful festivals and events embracing music and history.  Read all about them in my SANTORINI FESTIVAL AND EVENTS GUIDE