Positano Hotels

Where to stay in Positano? It’s beneficial to understand the layout of the land, or should I say, mountainside, while choosing Positano hotels. To begin with, you will be in The Vertical City, with tons of steps connecting town center, beach, hotels and restaurants. At the same time, this is what makes Positano so unique and spectacular. JUMP to HOTELS

Positano Hotels Therefore, there are some things to consider according to your mobility and preferences.  First, if your hotel is sky high, you will have gorgeous soaring views but a substantial amount of steps from town center and the beach. Secondly, there are hotels mid-way on the hill which are closer to the center of town with fewer steps. Lastly, there are also hotels down by the beach and just seconds from town center. These are reached by a sloped walkway and have the fewest steps. Nonetheless, you will always find a restaurant nearby, as there are loads scattered throughout. Let’s discover the best hotels in Positano.   JUMP to HOTELS        

It is important to know that which ever you choose, there are internal busses that can take you all around. Most upper Positano Italy hotels have bus stops by their entrances. In addition, porter service is available that will collect your luggage from Piazza dei Mulini, or from the ferry boat for delivery to your hotel. Piazza dei Mulini is the vehicle drop off point in town from which you continue on foot to reach your hotel. You can find the porters in front of the Pharmacy (few steps before Piazza Mulini) or just ask the parking attendant or your driver.

First, those charming steps…..

In my opinion, steps are a perfect way to burn off all that delicious Italian food! It’s like an Italian StairMaster – no need to hit the gym! Get a leg workout and your heart pumping while you see the sights. Although steps are the fastest route (shortcut), there are a few inclined winding roads that you can use to walk to your destinations. Take your time and enjoy the charm of discovering all the nooks and crannies this beautiful town has to offer. You will find boutiques, cafes, restaurants and of course, the best hotels in Positano.

Second, where is the center of town?Positano Church and Beach

When picking a hotel, I feel it’s good to know where its location is in relationship with town center. This is especially true in Positano because of the vertical layout. The center of Positano is from Piazza dei Mulini to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. The church is set back from the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, which is within a minutes walk.


Hotel Marincanto

Marincanto Positano

Luxury 4* Pool, Breakfast Included, Mid-Level of Town
Hotel Marincanto is my favorite place to stay in Positano. I just love the lobby, the beautiful terrace, the staff and of course the rooms. Moreover, the views are spectacular! Steps going to the beach and shopping area are a minute away. In addition, you can walk down from the beach directly from the hotel. They serve a terrific breakfast on the gorgeous terrace and serve a great cocktail also. I highly recommend!
Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 50

Hotel Savoia

Luxury 4* Breakfast Included, Mid-Level of Town
Hotel Savoia is in a perfect location right in the middle of Positano. It is convenient to shopping, restaurants and a short walk to the beach area. Our room was sparkling clean and tastefully decorated. In addition, there was plenty of room for luggage, a huge armoire for clothing and very big bathroom. Furthermore, we had a balcony with both a city and sea view. A very good breakfast is served on their terrace between 7-10am with excellent cappuccino. I highly recommend and really loved our stay at Hotel Savoia.
Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo 73

Palazzo MuratHotel Palazzo Murat, Positano

4* Luxury Hotel Pool, Breakfast included – Bottom of Hill
This hotel is on the prettiest via in all of Positano. It is basically a glamorous oasis in the center of everything! Moreover, this is one of the most beautiful hotels you will find. The pool, grounds, and outdoor garden restaurant are gorgeous. It is in the middle of everything as well as minutes away from the beach.
Address: 23 Via dei Mullini, Positano

Le SirenuseLe Sirenuse, Positano

Luxury 5* Hotel – Pool – Breakfast included – Bottom of hill
You will be in the Lap of Luxury!  Here you will find impeccable service, gorgeous surroundings and spectacular views of the sea and beach. Expect to be pampered and let your eyes feast on the beauty of your surroundings. Enjoy!
Address: Via C. Colombo 30, Positano

Hotel Buca di BaccoHotel Buca di Bacco Positano

4* Luxury Hotel – Breakfast included – Bottom of hill – Beachfront
Buca di Bacco’s location is basically on the beach. It is extremely easy to get to the beachfront restaurants, the ferries and excursion boats as well as all the shops and galleries. Service is excellent. The rooms are spacious and decorated with old world charm. You will love it!
Address: Via Rampa della Teglia 4

Hotel Miramare Positano HotelHotel Miramare, Positano

4* Mid-range Hotel – Breakfast included – Middle of Hill
Not only is the staff amazing, but the location is in the heart of Positano. It is close to the main beach area with many restaurants above and below. Not to mention the amazing views from here!  I suggest booking a room with a balcony.
Address: Via Trara Genoino 29, Positano

Villa La TartanaVilla La Tartana, Positano

3* Mid-range Hotel – Breakfast included – Bottom of Hill
I happen to love Villa Tartana. It is a charming hotel in the center of town, tucked away in a little corner. Moreover, it is only a minutes walk to the beach. Rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated. Their breakfast and cappuccino – molto bene! The staff is excellent and will even help you learn Italian! A great mid-range choice right near the beach and town center.
Note: Book early to get a great price and choose an upper room with a sea view
Address: Via Vito Savino 6/8

Villa Rosa Positano HotelVilla Rosa, Positano

Mid-range Hotel, Breakfast included – Mid to lower Hill
Excellent staff, tastefully decorated, excellent views of the sea and Positano. Wonderful breakfast served in your room – sit on your terrace and enjoy the view!
Address: Via C. Colombo 121