Amalfi Duomo

Amalfi Town Italy

Amalfi Town Italy is small, historic, and has a seafront location on the famous Coast. Once you walk through the arched entrance into Amalfi town proper, you will be In the historic main square, Piazza del Duomo. Here you will find a most impressive masterpiece, Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea. This centerpiece looms high over the bustling, crowded square and is really an incredible work of art.

Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea

Not only is the beautiful Cathedral in the piazza, but you will encounter a very interesting fountain, Fontana sant’Andrea. It serves as a meeting point for tourists and a source of free drinking water. In addition, it is the place for a photo opportunity, if you can find a few seconds alone with it!

Fontana Sant’Andrea

I was surprised to see how crowded the square was! This is the Times Square of the Amalfi Coast – at least in August. There are rows of shops, outdoor restaurants, bars, wine shops and street vendors. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. Let’s not forget the many caffe’s and gelato shops to visit. The crowd follows the the main pedestrian road, Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi. It is bliss for shoppers since there is an abundance of stores, one after the other. Clothing, ceramics, shoes, handmade items- you can find anything.

If you head out of the arches toward the water, you will see Piazza Flavio Giola to your right. This is the transit hub of Amalfi town. Taxi, bus and ferry areas are located here. Additionally, you will find a few shops by the ferry station.

Piazza Flavio Giola

Amalfi Town Beach Clubs

You will also find beach clubs right outside of the historic center. It is always great to spend part of a hot day relaxing at the beach. All the beach clubs provide umbrellas and beds as well as a nice lunch and drinks. During high season, all beach clubs need reservations, I really liked the look of Marina Grande, but didn’t make a reservation. Stella Maris was the only one that is first come, first serve, but you must arrive early to get a lounge. We had first row on the water and a beautiful day!

Amalfi Italy Restaurants

My favorite meal was at Taverna deli Apostoli Ristorante. Enjoy this lovely family run restaurant, just left of the cathedral steps, at the top of the first flight. The food was great and it was so nice sitting outside looking at the piazza.

Amalfi Sensi Restaurant
Sensi Restaurant

Sensi Restaurant has a beautiful view, and is inside the elegant Hotel Residence. The food, the service, and the ambiance is most excellent. Moreover, they serve a tasting menu only, with an optional wine pairing for each course.

Amalfi Town Italy Hotel

I really loved staying at Terrazza Duomo, which was directly across from the Duomo. I booked it for the fabulous view of the cathedral and it did not disappoint! It was wonderful to wake up to that view! But I didn’t realize that the room itself would be so awesome! It was a good size, sparkling clean, and beautifully, freshly decorated. 
As an added bonus, the hotel has a rooftop terrace to enjoy. This is where breakfast is served. In addition, the staff was so nice and accommodating. I highly recommend Terrazza Duomo when in Amalfi town Italy.

Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea
View from my balcony in Terrazza Duomo Hotel

All in all, Amalfi town was very nice, but, unfortunately, it does not compare to Sorrento, Positano or Ravello.


Ravello Italy

Ravello Italy is the definition of classy and chic. Located high above the Amalfi Coast’s seaside villages, Ravello offers stunning, panoramic views of the mountains and sea below. White houses cling to cliffs, along with green citrus groves dotted with yellow lemons. What’s more, majestic villas warmly welcome you for drinks or dinners. Enjoy the grandeur, beauty and pleasure of Ravello.

Villa Cimbrone
Entrance to Villa Cimbrone – at the top of Ravello

Ravello is perched 1200 feet above the Amalfi Coast. The drive up is a little terrifying for me, since cars and cliffs are not my thing! Yikes! It is quite a magical place. There are beautiful villas, cliffside gardens and stunning vistas. Certainly a place to visit on the Amalfi Coast!

Ravello Italy

Piazza Vescovado is the beautiful center hub of Ravello. It is a large square which embraces its ancient Duomo. Built in the 11th century, the Duomo is a dedication to Saint Mary of the Assumption. The exterior bears a stark white appearance. The interior, on the other hand, is adorned with granite columns, intricate mosaics, and a marble chapel.

Ravello Dumo
White Duomo of Ravello

In addition, the square hosts an array of cafes to sit, relax and absorb the beauty in front of you. Cafe Duomo happened to be my favorite. Delicious caffe espresso and cappuccino, along with pizza and other delights. In addition, the square hosts an array of cafes with delicious cappuccino, pizza and other delights. My favorite happened to be Caffe Duomo – great service and coffee!

Caffe Duomo

There are so many little corners to discover that are certainly picture worthy. Discover the cobbled steps and ramps that go up and down the town. There is something to see at every turn. Indeed there is an abundance of vines and bougainvillea as well as fountains and statues.

Ravello Amalfi Coast

What to do in Ravello Italy

To begin with, explore the main square Pizzza Vescovado. At the edge of the Piazza is a little park with stunning views – a great place for pictures. Next, at the edge of the square, visit Villa Ruffalo. It is an elegant villa with a small museum containing artwork and historical artifacts. In addition the terraced gardens are also a beautiful attraction for visitors.

Via Roma

Walk the entire Via Roma. This narrow cobbled street will tempt you with beautiful ceramics, clothing and a host of other beautiful souvenirs to take home. Don’t forget to purchase some Limoncello so that you can still savor the Amalfi Coast when you get back home.

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello

Villa Cimbrone
Villa Cimbrone’s Terrace of Infinity

You must walk up to the spectacular 11th century, Villa Cimbrone. It is the pinnacle of Ravello and offers magnificent views of the Bay of Sorrento and coastline. The villa itself is a 5-star hotel – Hotel Villa Cimbrone. It boasts stunning terraced gardens that are open to the public from 9am till 8pm daily. It is truly a romantic, perfect spot for weddings and honeymoons.

Palazzo Avino Ravello Italy

Villa Avino Ravello
Palazzo Avino’s spectacular terrace over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea is a must!

Delight in dinner, drinks or both on Terrazza Belvedere at this fantastic destination. Palazzo Avino is a stunning 5-star hotel on Italy’s famous Amalfi coast. Originally it was a 12th century private villa for Italian nobility. Currently, it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen!

Palazzo Avino
Terrazzo Belvedere

Where to Stay in Ravello

I would love to advise you to absolutely book Villa Cimbrone or Palazzo Avino. But I can only recommend if you are splurging on an extravagant honeymoon or simply have money to burn. I stayed at Palazzo Confalone and loved it. It was in the perfect location, with a beautiful room at a reasonable price in Ravello Italy.

Ravello in Pictures

Ravello Amalfi Coast is more beautiful than any picture can depict! But this will give you a taste of the beauty and magic of Ravello.

Como Italy

Como Italy

The city of Como Italy is clearly worth a visit! Thousands of people throng here to enjoy Como and the lake area. It has natural beauty and plenty to see and do. Moreover, since the train from Milan stops here, it is the perfect spot in Lake Como to stay for a day or more as a starting point for your vacation. In fact, Lake Como boasts an abundance of other beautiful towns and picturesque villages. Without a doubt, add Bellagio and Varenna to your list, as well as Como.

Como Italy

I found the city of Como lively and exciting. It has a multitude of fine restaurants, large piazzas, historical churches and beautiful architecture. Of course, the town center has delightful streets full of shops. Ideal for a fashion lover at any budget. Lastly, you will have your choice of cafes, where you can relax and sip coffee while you people-watch.

Piazza Duomo
Piazza Duomo

Things to do in Como Italy

Lose yourself in the delightful cobbled streets in town center. Wander to Piazza San Fedele. It is the main square of Como in the historical center of town.  You will find the Basilica of San Fedele, a beautiful Romanesque church dating back to 1120. Moreover, every Saturday there is a market here with handcrafted items and antiques.

Como Church of San Fedele
Church of San Fedele

Next, stroll toward the magnificent Piazza del Duomo, and visit the Como Cathedral (Duomo di Como). This is the main church of Como, dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built between the 14th and the 18th centuries. Although the Gothic style is predominant, the cathedral also hosts many Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque elements.

Como Cathedral
Duomo di Como

The Como Lakefront

You will find some of the best places to take pictures along the lakefront. Start at Piazza Cavour and go west (left) along the water. First, you will find the Volta Museum. It is a beautiful neoclassical temple built in 1927. It is dedicated to Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electric battery, who was born and died in Como Italy. This photographic museum will wake up your camera!

Como Temple Volta
Volta Museum

Continue walking on Passeggiata Lino Gelpi and you will come upon Villa Gallia. There is a public walkway along the lake which is perfect for pictures! Next you will find historic and impressive Villa Olmo. It is a beautiful neoclassical villa dating back to the 1780s.

Como to Brunate

A fun thing to do is to take the funicular from Como Italy to the small adorable town of Brunate. From Piazza Cavour walk east (right) to the Como Brunate funicular. It is nearby the train station. The cable car scales the mountain and you arrive within a few minutes. Going up was easy, but going down…..I confess that I screamed from fright!! LOL

Como Funicular
The funicular route up the mountain to Brunate

You will find stunning views when you reach the top. Of course there are places to eat, sip coffee and enjoy the wonderful views of Como, the lake, and the mountains.

Como Beach

l love to have a beach day on vacation. We walked to Lido di Villa Olmo, just a few steps away from the beautiful Villa. This lido has a small beach, two swimming pools, and a large meadow. In addition the Beach Bar offers drinks, hot and cold dishes, snacks and cocktails. It was a fun few hours and a good light lunch in Como Italy!

Lido di Villa Olmo
Lido di Villa Olmo

Lake Como Italy – Villa d’Este

Overlooking one of the most romantic lakes in the world, Lake Como, Villa d’Este is magnificent! If only my wallet could afford it! Located in Cernobbio, it is only a 15 minute car ride away. Definitely go for a drink on the most luxurious terrace on the lake! You can also walk the grounds and gardens. Worth the drive, for sure!

Villa d'Este
Luxury 5 Star Villa d’Este is gorgeous!

Varenna Italy

Varenna Italy

Varenna is yet another enchanting town on Lake Como. You will find magnificent scenery, beauty, charm, and perfect spots for photos at every turn. Bellagio may be my number one, but Varenna Italy is definitely next!


Recognized as one of the most picturesque towns on popular Lake Como, Varenna is enchanting and worth a visit. In addition, it is one of the easiest places to access. Since Varenna has its own railway station, you can take a direct, one hour train ride from Milan. Upon arrival, you will find magnificent scenery, beauty, charm, and perfect spots for photos at every turn. 


This adorable small village flourishes with cobbled lanes, colorful shops, elegant villas and art-filled church galleries. Varenna, Lake Como is a smaller, slower paced town than Bellagio.

It is perfect for relaxing by the lake and taking a stroll to see its beauty. You will be free of the touristy crowds who tend to gather in Como and Bellagio.

Things to do in Varenna, Lake Como

Other than experiencing colorful town center itself, my highlight was exploring Villa Monastero. It is truly breathtaking and a photographer’s dream! We took a long stroll in the Villa’s botanical gardens. It has the most beautiful view of the lake. This spectacular villa is 8 centuries old, hosts a museum and conference center. Of course the main attraction is a gorgeous botanical garden.

Varenna Trellis
Passeggiata degli Innamorati (Lover’s Walk)

Take a scenic walk on the trellised path of Passeggiata degli Innamorati. It displays wonderful views of both Varenna, Lake Como and the mountain backdrop. It is aptly named, since it is truly a romantic walk through a dreamlike lakeside town.

The Church of San Georgio is located in the town’s main square, Piazza St. Georgio. The church dates back to the 13th century and has many frescos and works of art dating between the 15th and 18th century.

Among other things to do is to explore the medieval Castello di Vezio. Next, visit Villa Cipressi, which is now an outstanding hotel. Then, take a boat tour of the lake. Lastly, make sure that you visit other towns along the lake; especially the nearby towns of Bellagio, Menaggio, Tremezzo and Lenno! Enjoy your visit to Varenna!


Bellagio Italy the Pearl of Lake Como

My favorite town in Lake Como is beautiful Bellagio! It is a charming, attractive town with the lake in front and the hills behind. Moreover, the views are spectacular. Here you will enjoy a pedestrian old town with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. The food is great and the locals are so friendly. Bellagio Italy, known as the Pearl of Lake Como has everything I look for in an Italian town.

Bellagio Italy

Of course, Bellagio, is considered the highlight of Lake Como. It has a wonderful blend of cute shops, caffes and delicious restaurants on active cobblestone streets. Not to mention spectacular views. It is a small town and completely walkable – perfect for taking a long leisurely stroll. Narrow streets run uphill from the lake giving you a beautiful lake view from the top of town. Moreover, there are some special hotels here.

Things to do in Bellagio Italy

Exploring the streets, especially with your camera, is one of the best and first things to do, since there are so many picturesque spots. Undeniably, Salita Serbelloni is one of the most beautiful. It is a long straight flight of stairs which runs from the harbor and goes straight up the hill. All along the street there are shops, small cafes, colourful houses and lots of plants and flowers. Indeed, you will definitely enjoy soaking in Italian sights and sounds of this special town.

Melzi Gardens

Secondly, to see stunning views of the lake, beautiful plants, trees and walking paths, take a stroll to Melzi Gardens. They are on the grounds of a 1800’s villa once owned by the President of the Italian Republic. The gardens are free to the public and worth the 15 minute walk.

Melzi Gardens
Melzi Gardens

Third, take the time to visit other towns of Lake Como. You will fine Varenna, Lenno, Tremezza and Mennagio close by. The ferry in Bellagio is connected to many other Lake Como towns that criss cross the lake. This public boat service easily connects the shore towns. Go to Navigazione Laghi to see timetables and costs.

Bellagio Lake Como Italy
Ferry Service throughout the lake

Lido di Bellagio

Then, I always try to fit in some fun in the sun! If you would like to relax in the sun with gazebos and sun beds, Bellagio offers Lido di Bellagio. It is on the shore of the lake between Bellagio and Villa Melzi. It is a fun little ‘beach’ where you can sip a cocktail and have a light lunch.
Subsequently, in addition of things to do, visit the Romanesque basilica of San Giacomo (St James). The church was built in the 12th century and the iconic bell tower is seen from the shore.

Bellagio, Italy

At this point, follow your footsteps and your heart will be happy just to live in the moment of amazing Belligio Italy. Defiitely a must visit!

Lake Como Italy

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and popular places to visit in Italy. It is an upscale resort area known for its stunning scenic beauty. In all honesty, there is nothing like it! Without a doubt, the lake itself is a beautiful sight. What’s more, the distant backdrop of the Alps make it even more breathtaking. You will definitely find jaw-dropping natural beauty here. The lake boasts a coastline of scenic, charming towns, elegant old villas, and amazing private homes. Say YES to Lake Como Italy, as you will definitely fall in love with everything it has to offer.

Lake Como

Lake Como is shaped like an upside down letter Y. To drive around the entire lake by car would take 4 hours. There are also fast hydrofoils that can transport you from Como, which is at the southwest leg to Bellagio, where the two legs meet. There are many charming towns to visit and explore along the shore.

Lake Como Map

You can conveniently travel to Lake Como from Milan with a direct 1 hour train ride. Furthermore, your destination station will be the city of Como. This is a delightful, lively place to explore located on the southern tip of the lake. Here you will find delicious food and fun activities. For instance, take the funicular that travels up to the cute mountain town of Brunate. 

Lake Como

Explore Lake Como

From Como, take the public ferry service which connects all the major towns along the shores of the lake. Go to Navigazione Laghi to see the schedule and costs. There are so many attractive, charming towns along the lake. Indeed, I picked beautiful Bellagio as my home base. What an excellent decision – the pearl of Lake Como. We simply walked onto a ferry everyday to explore the uniqueness of other towns.

Time to explore yet another beautiful spot!

Every single town is worth exploring! Visit my posts to expolore the other lake towns we visited. Moreover, you will find in depth information and lots of photos of Bellagio, Brunate, Como, Lenno, Tremezzio and Varenna. All of them are worth a visit, especially Bellagio which was my favorite and perfect as my home base. Varenna is number 2 on my list!

Lake Como Italy is loved by many people, you will fall under the spell too!

Lake Garda

Lake Garda Italy

Lake Garda, located in northern Italy, is a popular Italian vacation destination, and is Italy’s largest lake. Scenic and charming, it is only a 57-minute train ride from Milan, a day trip from Venice, and a short 14-mile ride from the beautiful, must-see city of Verona.

A trip to Lake Garda will surely give you the opportunity to engage in many activities and excursions including hiking and swimming. In addition, the lively and picturesque towns will keep you entertained and busy. Additionally, you can enjoy relaxing beaches or people watch sitting at one of the many cafes.

A Sirmione anacronism – finding an ancient castle moat being used by a modern boat!

Southern Lake Garda

We were lucky enough to visit some towns in the southern area of the lake.  Exciting and beautiful, Sirmione, which is my favorite! Chic and delightful, Lazise. Garda Town with a shoreline filled with restaurants and views of the mountains. Lastly, Bardolino with a beautiful marina filled with colorful boats.  All of these towns were so nice and special in their own way.


We visited southern Lake Garda for 3 days and made Sirmione our home base. It was a great decision for us because we loved it there! We found Sirmione to be a bustling town with so much to see and do. Furthermore, there is a beautiful castle, a few beaches and everything within walking distance. We found many vistiors strolling the streets, eating ice cream and shopping.

Lake Garda Town
Lots of shopping!

Discover moated castles, wineries, as well as ancient ruins sprinkled in between. There is truly a lot to discover and worth the trip if you are in northern Italy.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda has a wonderful fleet of ferries that can transport you from town to town. All the coastal towns are beautiful and special in their own way. If you have the time and plan carefully, you would be able to visit all the towns from north to south. Go to Navigazione Laghi for ferry information. Print out the timetable for advanced planning or just wing it!

Lake Garda

Visit my other posts regarding the southern coastal towns in Lake Garda which we visited. Moreover, you will find in depth information about Sirmione, Bardolino, Lazise and Garda Town. All of them are worth a visit, especially Sirmione, which was my favorite and perfect as my home base.

Of course there are the northern lake towns which are supposed to be wonderful also! If you have the time to go – let us know what you thought! Feel free to send a comment below.

Italian Festivals


Italian festivals, carnivals and competitions are spectacular occasions! All Italians love to come together and celebrate their culture. Steeped in tradition, centuries-old festivities come alive all over Italy. You can attend amazing carnivals, grueling sporting competitions and see beautiful art. Surely, you will never forget the thrill of it all in Italia!

Carnival of Viareggio 2022

Viareggio Carnival
Carnevale di Viareggio 2022 VIAREGGIO, TUSCANY – Feb 12th, 20th, 24th, 27th, March 1st & 5th.
Thousands of spectators and spectacular floats make this the most amazing carnival for the Lenten season. This is an extravaganza that you will remember forever!

Venice Carnival 2022

Venice Carnival
Carnevale di Venezia 2022 VENICE – Feb 1st through March 1st.
Attending an extravagant masked ball set in one of the most magical cities in the world definitely makes a memory of a lifetime. During this 10 day event, the streets are filled with masked people dressed in Venetian 18th century clothing. If you are in Venice during this exciting time you will enjoy the parades and many activities throughout Venice.  

Battle of the Oranges 2022

Battle of the Oranges Turin
Storico Carnevale di Ivrea 2022 TURIN, PIEDMONT – Feb 22nd – Mar 1st
Imagine a battle waged with almost 900,000 pounds of oranges!!! Well you can relive the experience in Ivrea’s most historic struggle between ruling tyrant and all the residents. Teams, rules, and horse-drawn carts, make for a mighty battle – not with weapons but with oranges!

Venice Art Biennale 2022

Venice Art Biennale
Biennale Arte 2022 VENICE – April 23rd – Nov 27th
Artists from all over the world gather and display their works in the Beinnale Arte. This is an international art exhibition that will thrill art enthusiasts the world over! Venice is magical, and the Arte Biennale is a bonus to see.

Italy Flower Festivals 2022

Italy Infiorata Festival

Infiorata di Noto 2022 NOTO, SICILY May 13th – 15th

Infiorata di Spello 2022 SPELLO, UMBRIA May 13th & 14th

Infiorata di Genzano di Roma 2022 ROME TBA (May/June)

This is a festival for the eyes not to be missed! Works of art, made with thousands of flowers, carpet the streets of many Italian cities. The best of these can be found in Noto, Genzano and Spello. Enjoy this explosion of color and art as a centuries-old tradition carries on. In 1625 the head florist of the Vatican, Bendetto Drei, created a mosaic of flowers for the basilica on the day of St. Peter and Paul. As a result of his creativity, this historic tradition flourishes and carries on.

99th Opera Festival 2022, Verona Arena Italy

Verona Arena
Arena di Verona 2022 VERONA, VENETO – June to September
We were lucky enough to enjoy the opera, Aida, in this amazing arena! Built in 30AD, this venue seats 30,000 people! Since staging and backdrops are enormous during Opera season, it only seats a mere 15,000! If you are in the beautiful city of Verona, please go see one of the many spectacular Operas at the Arena. Tickets start as low as 22 euros up to 300 euros for ultimate seats. There are also student discounts. Anywhere you sit, the seats are great!
NOTE: Men cannot wear shorts in the platinum, gold or silver areas – but don’t worry – they sell black pants there!!

Joust of the Saracen 2022

Joust of the Saracen Italy
Giostra del Saracino 2022 AREZZO, TUSCANY – June 18th & Sept 4th
Citizens of Arezzo march from their own sectors to engage in this Medieval ritual twice a year. It has become this city’s obsession! In other words, the Joust is a passionate Italian competition with thousands of spectators! Although the pageantry and costumes are a spectacle, in reality this is a skilled and serious competition. The Golden Lance is a trophy to be revered. This is one event that I really must attend! After all, this is a sight to see!

Battle of the Bridge Competition 2022

Battle of the Bridge Pisa
Gioco del Ponte 2022 PISA, TUSCANY – June 25th
Dating back to the 11th century, teams put their strength and endurance to the test in order to maintain control of the Ponte di Mezzo by pushing opponents and carts to the opposite end. There is also a parade along the riverbank before the historical reenactment of the battle begins.

Siena Horse Race 2022

Siena Horse Race
Palio di Siena 2022 SIENA, TUSCANY – July 2nd & Aug 16th
Piazza del Campo, the heart of Siena, is the pulse of this centuries-old challenge between the different Sienese areas. This is not just a horse race. This is an extravaganza of pageantry and courage by the riders and a complete explosion of passion by thousands of spectators. This is a once in a lifetime Italian competition to attend!

Medieval Festival Monteriggioni Italy 2022

Medieval Festival Italy
Monteriggioni Festa Medievale 2022 MONTERIGGIONI, TUSCANY – July 8th -17th
Relive the magic of medieval times at this colorful festival. Castles, knights, dancing, fireworks and more make this a memorable event for all!

Venice Film Festival 2022

Venice Film Festival
Festival del cinema di Venezia LIDO, VENICE – Aug. 1st through Sept. 10th
Celebrities, awards and glitz in one of the most magical cities in Italy! Venice What more can you say?

So much to see and do! If you have the opportunity, try to visit some of the festivals and carnivals in Italy. You will make wonderful memories for years to come!

Verona Opera
Here we are (in the foreground) outside the Arena on the night we attended Aida – such a sight to behold!

Garda Town

Garda Town, Italy

Not only is Garda Town picturesque and charming, but it also give us a double whammy of beauty! Because it is located in a perfect position on Lake Garda, we have beautiful mountains and stunning views across the water. Certainly, there is a photo opportunity everywhere.

Garda Town

Snuggled into a small bay on the lake, Garda is just a short ferry ride from Lazise, Bardolino and Sirmione. We visited for a day, but realized that it would make an excellent home base. From Garda Town you can easily explore the southern or northern lakeside villages. Moreover, please make sure you explore amazing Verona in you are in the lake area! It is only a short 40 minute drive away and absolutely worth the visit.

Garda Town

It is a delight to walk around the narrow cobbled alleys with all the cafe’s, shops and restaurants. You can buy numerous local products and unique clothing at the many shops in Garda Town.

Lake Garda
What a view!

In Garda, you can wander along the long curved promenade and find a beautiful relaxing spot to enjoy some gelato! Honestly, it really is beautiful and you’ll want to have photo shots everywhere!

Garda Town

Although, during the summer season, restaurants and bars along the promenade are a hive of activity, whether it is day or night. Not to mention, this is the place to people watch while enjoying a gorgeous setting.


Equally important, just about every sport can be had in Garda town, both on and near the Lake. Such as sailing, rafting, swimming and other water sports. On the land there is biking, hiking, climbing and horseback riding. In parts of Lake Garda, you can even find hang-gliding. 

Garda Town Pictures

Here are some pictures of our day in Garda Town! All in all, I would say that it is definitely worth a visit. And remember, it is very close to Gardaland, which has rides, shows an aquarium and much more. It is great place for family fun!

Beautiful scenery
The family in Garda
The Family
Garda Town Italy
Enjoy the beauty and have fun!


Bardolino, Italy

One of Lake Garda‘s most popular towns is Bardolino. Located on the Verona side of Lake Garda’s southern point, it has easy access to other surrounding towns. Also, it can make a nice home-base for your lake vacation. Not only is it a delightful, lively village, but it is also the center of wine country since it is surrounded by hills covered with vineyards and olive groves.

Bardolino Lake Garda

We had a beautiful day visiting Bardolino. We started by taking the ferry from beautiful, bustling Sirmione, with a stop in enchanting Lazise and then arriving at the picturesque town of Bardolino.

Lake Garda

One of the first things we noticed, was the tranquil marina filled with colorful motor boats. It definitely made me want to take a picture of the vivid part of daily life here. In addition, long lakeshore promenades add to the charm of village. There are many photo opportunities on the promenade, so definitely take a walk with your camera.

Bardolino’s historic center has a beautiful blend of narrow stone alleys and pretty pastel buildings. The town is fairly compact, therefore it is an easy walk from one end to the other. It is certainly lively with numerous shops, cafes and restaurants. The evening comes alive with several bars and clubs.

Restaurants in Bardolino use the local fish and fresh produce from their crops. In addition Bardolino is famous for it’s namesake red wine, Bardolino and for their Rosé, Chiaretto,

Lake Garda

San Severo is a Romanesque church that has beautiful frescos and is worth a visit. Also visit the church “Santa Maria” in Cisano and the Olive Oil Museum which is on Gardesana state road. 

Things to Do in Bardolino

You can find many things to do and keep busy in this town. First of all land sports include golf and tennis and of course hiking trails. You can even horseback ride, and mountain bike. Secondly there are many water sports available along the lake. Let’s not forget to visit some wineries. You will be able taste the area’s unique vintage, Bardolino DOC.

Bardolino Marina