Taormina Restaurants

There is an abundant choice of delicious restaurants in Taormina. Certainly, Italy is noted for its delicious cuisine. And Sicily is unquestionably known for amazing southern Italian food. Taormina restaurants serve local Sicilian specialties such as; arancini, a rice ball filled with meat and peas in a red sauce; Pasta alla Norma, pasta topped with sautéed eggplant and ricotta cheese in a delicious tomato sauce; and of course, stuffed zucchini flower. In addition, there are spectacular pastas, meats and seafood dishes for you to savor. Here are some of the best restaurants in Taormina.

Osteria Rosso DiVinoOsteria RossoDiVino

Fine Dining – One of the best in Taormina. You will enjoy an incredible meal at this charming restaurant. The menu include pastas, seafood and meats which are all outstanding!  A few dishes to savor are the macaroncini with beef ragu, red snapper, lamb and tempura anchovies.  For wine suggestions, try the Etna Bianco, Etna Rossato, or Chianta. Lastly, end your meal with delicious tiramisu or chocolate fondant!  In addition, enjoy the wonderful ambiance. They have a charming balcony in addition to outdoor dining.  Make reservations or ask your hotel to make them for you!
Address:  Via de Spuches 8, Taormina

Casa GioLi
Taormina Casa GioLi

Fine Dining – Casa GioLi boasts a wide variety of food on the menu.  Dishes of meat, seafood and pastas are delicious. Furthermore, they also have an extensive wine selection. The food is delicious!  Try the stuffed zucchini flowers, risotto and beef.  Finally, leave room for dessert!  Try to get a table in their beautiful outdoor garden.  Casa GioLi is above the steps where Daquiri is located.  My suggestion is to enjoy a drink at Daquiri before dinner.  It’s a great place to sit and watch the happenings in the piazza below.
Address:  Via Giordano Bruno 2

La Botte
La Botte Restaurant Taormina

Moderate Dining – We enjoyed a delicious dinner at La Botte. They serve an amazing whole fish baked in salt crust, which makes it moist and delicious. The server removes the crust and expertly filets the fish table-side.  Their pastas are great. Furthermore, they have an extensive wine list.  Enjoy the outdoor dining area.  Make reservations.
Address:  Piazza Santa Domenica 4, Taormina

Da Christina

Casual – This is a family run restaurant that has delicious food. It is perfect for fast food, take out or a casual light dinner.  Try their delicious arancini. Very reasonable prices if you are on a budget.
Address: Via Strabone 2, Taormina

Bam Bar
Bam Bar Taormina

Casual – There are many restaurants in Taormina, but for delicious desserts, Bam Bar is the place to go. They are famous for their granita topped with fresh whipped cream. Your taste buds will be thrilled with delightful desserts, brioche and cappuccino. Everything is fresh and delicious. Not only do they serve up amazing treats, but the atmosphere is just lovely with bright Sicilian ceramic table and tile furnishings.
Address:  Via Di Giovanni 45, Taormina

Restaurants by Taormina Beaches

Villa Carlotta RestaurantVilla Carlotta Restaurant Taormina

Fine Dining – Villa Carlotta is an exceptional restaurant with amazing views from the terrace overlooking the sea. The menu showcases fresh, local, great quality ingredients.  Some absolute stand out dishes: melt in your mouth, Nero D’Avola Filet steak; Swordfish Ravioli; Tuna on a bed of Kiwi & Orange Salad. If you like rose wine, try the Rose di Nere from Noto. The service is excellent and the dishes are beautifully presented.
Address: Via Luigi Pirandello 81, Taormina

Villa AntonioVilla Antonio Taormina

Fine Dining – Villa Antonio is something special. The food, the restaurant, the ambiance and the staff are wonderful. The sweeping views of the sea and Isola Bella cannot be topped. In addition, there is  real dedication to the wine list. Basically, anything on the menu will be delicious!
Address: Via Luigi Pirandello 88, Taormina