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Perched upon a cliff above the shimmering sea, adorned with a backdrop of majestic mountains, Taormina Sicily is the sparkling jewel of Sicily. In the first place you will admire fantastic panoramic views of the sea. Secondly, you will also have a stunning view of famous Mount Etna idly smoking in the distance.
Taormina TravelThe natural scenery is a definitely a feast for your eyes as well as the magnificent town center.  Taormina’s main gathering place is Piazza IX April, which has amazing views of the sea.  It is in the center of town and a great place to eat, drink, listen to music and people watch.

Piazza Aprile

The ancient city of Taormina is completely walkable and attractive.  with flowers tumbling down balconies of pretty buildings along with narrow cobblestone streets.  The main pedestrian street, Corso Umberto, is simply charming.  In addition, there are two main gathering places, Piazza Aprile and Piazza Duomo.

Taormina Travel

Piazza Duomo

You will enjoy excellent restaurants and cafes to visit. Soak up the lively atmosphere of magnificent Taormina Italy. It is filled with people strolling along cobblestone streets listening to musicians singing all the Italian classics. You will enjoy browsing and shopping in the numerous luxury and local stores.

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Taormina Sicily

Views perfect for a picture!

For a bit of history, don’t miss the impressive and famous Greek Amphitheater. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches. Ride the Funicular (cable car) down to the picturesque bay and beaches of Taormina Mare. All the beach clubs have delicious restaurants and also rent beds, towels and umbrellas.
Taormina TravelAll things considered, Taormina Sicily should be on the top of your list when you visit Italy

The Best of Taormina Sicily……..

Taormina Hotels

Taormina has fantastic world class hotels, luxury boutique hotels and wonderful B&B’s. Some have pools and most have stunning views.  Go to my TAORMINA HOTEL GUIDE for great hotel suggestions.

Taormina Restaurants

Italy is known for its delicious cuisine and the amazing food in Sicily is one of the reasons why!  There are so many regional specialties and delicious fresh ingredients, not to mention the wine. Go to my Taormina Restaurant Guide for some great suggestions.


Taormina Nightlife

The town is energized and alive at night.  You will find a vast choice of things to do and places to go.  Dancing, cocktails, music or just getting gelato.  Check out my guide to Taormina Nightlife.

Taormina Beaches


Get ready for an Italian adventure as there are countless things to do and see in Sicily.  Taormina is perfect for history, culture, delicious food and awe inspiring sights.

Greek Theatre

Greek Theatre Taormina

The Ancient Greek Theatre is amazing.  During the day take in a show at the Greek Theatre with Mount Etna as a backdrop. There are concerts and operas as varied as Sting and The Barber of Seville.  For upcoming events and tickets click here.

Mount Etna Taormina

A visit to Mount Etna give you the incredible experience of seeing lava flows up close.

Mt. Etna Wine Tour

Visit the vineyards and taste the wines of Mount Etna.  There are wonderful local wineries where you can sample the delicious varieties of wine


Castlemola is a charming little town up the mountain from Taormina.  If you have a few hours, it is worth a visit to this medieval town.

Taormina Godfather Tour

Visit some of the iconic film locations of the blockbuster hit The Godfather.

Lipari Aolian Islands

If you have an extra time, you may want to take a full day trip to the beautiful Aeolian Islands.

Greek Theatre Taormina

Greek Theatre Taormina

The Ancient Greek Theatre Taormina is the most significant and popular monument to visit. It is an incredibly beautiful place and a treasure of antiquity. Italians call it Teatro Greco and it is also known as the Greek-Roman Theatre. Not only does it have artistic and historical value, but the scenery itself is stunning.Greek Theatre Taormina

The Greek Theatre is the second largest classical theatre in Sicily. Building began on the Greek Theatre during the 1st century BC, during the Greek era. Afterwards, the Romans reconstructed and enlarged it in the 2nd century AD. The orchestra is in the center and then, set around the orchestra is the auditorium or cunei.  It holds at least 10,000 spectators!  Hunting shows, or venation’s, were very popular in the 3rd century AD.  At that time, Gladiators and wild beasts took center stage. The theatre itself is a testimony to the wealth and prosperity enjoyed by Taormina between the 1st and 3rd century AD.Greek Theatre Taormina Sicily

Getting to the The Greek

Teatro Greco is within walking distance from everywhere in upper Taormina. It is located directly off the main pedestrian walkway, Corso Umberto.  It is by the Porta Messina Arch of Corso Umberto. Walk past beautiful Hotel Timeo and you will find the entrance.
Address:  Via del Teatro Greco, Taormina Sicily

Greek Theatre Taormina EventsGreek Theatre Taormina Events

Furthermore, Teatro Greco is the most spectacular ancient venue in the world! Not only is it food for the historian’s soul, but it is also a concert venue for culture and music lovers!  Since the 1950’s it has become a modern entertainment venue.  Shows range from Sting and Brian Wilson to classic operas and the delicious sounds of Il Volo.  Various performances include concerts, operas, theatre productions, and symphonies. Make it an unforgettable night in Taormina -see a show at the Ancient Greek Theatre Taormina.  Click here for upcoming events and to purchase tickets.

Taormina Beaches

Taormina Beaches

Taormina is a wonderful destination for a beach vacation. Perched high upon a cliff is the city of Taormina. However, the beautiful beaches of Taormina are located down below, facing the Ioian sea. This area is know as Taormina Mare. The main road is sprinkled a handful of hotels and a few stand alone restaurants. Cross the street and you will find beautiful bays with several beach clubs, all within walking distance. Taormina beaches are gorgeous. They sparkle with crystal clear, beautiful blue water. Also, they are smooth pebble and rock beaches, which is so pretty.Isola Bella TaorminaOf course the beach clubs (lidos) in Taormina are fully equipped with rentals of beds, umbrellas and towels. Furthermore, they have delicious restaurants on their property. It is Italian custom to take a break from sunning and have lunch at the beach. Additionally, there is also a free public beach connecting to the small pretty island of Isola Bella.Taormina Beaches

At all the beaches you can find excursion boats to take you on a tour of the coast and bring you to the Grotto Azzura. I highly suggest taking the excursion. It is a delightful way to see some lovely areas, including going into caves. The boat also stops for swim in some of the most beautiful waters. There is music, fun and just a fabulous time! This is an experience that you will always remember! I recommend the excursion with Sebastian and Carmello
Price – Summer 2017:  Depends on how many people, it can be from EUR 20 – 25.

Taormina Beaches Excursion Boats

My girls and I on the excursion boat

Let’s go to the Beach Clubs

Getting to the beaches in Taormina

Taormina Cable CarIf you are without a car, many of the hotels have shuttles that will take you to a predetermined beach. A great option is the cable car or in Italian, the funivia. It is located a short five minute walk from the east end of the Corso Umberto.  In my opinion, it is an exhilarating and fun ride down the mountain that only takes a few minutes!  It cost 3 euros one way or 6 roundtrip. Once you arrive at the bottom there are several beaches right across the street, including the free public beach of Isola Bella

Taormina Beach Guide

Having fun in crystal clear water of Isola Bella

Walking to the beaches of Taormina

It is a beautiful scenic walk from Taormina down to the beaches.  It is definitely worth the walk! You can walk down in 30 minutes but it took us about an hour, because we stopped so many times to take pictures of the beautiful scenery and amazing views!
Walking Directions: First, exit the Corso Umberto via the arch of Porta Messina and bear right. Then continue past the funivia station, La Pensione Svizzeria and a gas station.  Second, bear left onto Guradiola Vecchia. You will come to a beautiful lookout area that you cannot miss. It almost looks like an ancient ruin with steps going up to the platform and columns on each side. Here you will wind up taking tons of pictures!  Third, you will see a painted wooden sign that says “Isola Bella” to the left of the steps. This points to the path going down to the beach. Enjoy your walk!

Taormina Travel GuideIn Taormina, don’t worry about time, just stop and smell the roses!  After spending the day at La Plage Resort, we took the funivia back up to town.
Note: The funivia line gets crowded in the late afternoon.  Therefore, give yourself extra time if you have dinner reservations.

Taormina Beach Clubs

Note:  The beach clubs fill up fast.  Therefore, make sure you reserve in advance or make reservations through your hotel for beds and umbrellas.  Consequently, if  you don’t have reservations, make sure you arrive early (11am). If not, your spot will be in the back row – if you get one at all!

La Plage Resort
La Place Resort Taormina Travel

La Plage is a beautiful hotel resort.  However, it’s lido is open to the public. You are able to walk in and rent lounges and umbrellas.  It has a great vibe, music and it’s also very attractive. In addition, you can also use the lounge area and enjoy delicious cocktails and food.
Price – summer 2017: EUR 50 for 2 beds, 2 towels and one umbrella

Lido La Pigna

Lido La Pigna is a lovely lido with a terrific restaurant. Definitely stop here for lunch, it will be delicious!
Price – summer 2017: EUR 40 for 2 beds, 2 towels and one umbrella

Isola Bella Beach

Isola Bella is a tiny island and nature reserve which is connected to the mainland by a small strip of beach.  This is a free public beach that consists of pebbles and smooth rocks.  Just gorgeous!  Bring your own towels!

Letojanni BeachLetojanni Beach Taormina

Letojanni is a costal resort with a long pebbled beach and crystalline water. It is just a 15 minute drive from Taormina and a 10 minute drive from Taormina Mare. The lidos are fully equipped with rentals and restaurants. Usually, the hotel shuttles will take visitors to Letojanni beach.

Paradise Beach Club
Paradise Beach Taormina Italy

This is a very nice beach club with pool, beach facilities and a beautiful garden. In addition they also have the Mojito Bar for drinks and light snacks.

Finally, you can also check out Flamingo Beach and Lido Fly Beach on Letojanni.



Taormina Restaurants

Taormina Restaurants

There is an abundant choice of delicious restaurants in Taormina. Certainly, Italy is noted for its delicious cuisine. And Sicily is unquestionably known for amazing southern Italian food. Taormina restaurants serve local Sicilian specialties such as; arancini, a rice ball filled with meat and peas in a red sauce; Pasta alla Norma, pasta topped with sautéed eggplant and ricotta cheese in a delicious tomato sauce; and of course, stuffed zucchini flower. In addition, there are spectacular pastas, meats and seafood dishes for you to savor. Here are some of the best restaurants in Taormina.

Osteria Rosso DiVinoOsteria RossoDiVino

Fine Dining – One of the best in Taormina. You will enjoy an incredible meal at this charming restaurant. The menu include pastas, seafood and meats which are all outstanding!  A few dishes to savor are the macaroncini with beef ragu, red snapper, lamb and tempura anchovies.  For wine suggestions, try the Etna Bianco, Etna Rossato, or Chianta. Lastly, end your meal with delicious tiramisu or chocolate fondant!  In addition, enjoy the wonderful ambiance. They have a charming balcony in addition to outdoor dining.  Make reservations or ask your hotel to make them for you!
Address:  Via de Spuches 8, Taormina

Casa GioLi
Taormina Casa GioLi

Fine Dining – Casa GioLi boasts a wide variety of food on the menu.  Dishes of meat, seafood and pastas are delicious. Furthermore, they also have an extensive wine selection. The food is delicious!  Try the stuffed zucchini flowers, risotto and beef.  Finally, leave room for dessert!  Try to get a table in their beautiful outdoor garden.  Casa GioLi is above the steps where Daquiri is located.  My suggestion is to enjoy a drink at Daquiri before dinner.  It’s a great place to sit and watch the happenings in the piazza below.
Address:  Via Giordano Bruno 2

La Botte
La Botte Restaurant Taormina

Moderate Dining – We enjoyed a delicious dinner at La Botte. They serve an amazing whole fish baked in salt crust, which makes it moist and delicious. The server removes the crust and expertly filets the fish table-side.  Their pastas are great. Furthermore, they have an extensive wine list.  Enjoy the outdoor dining area.  Make reservations.
Address:  Piazza Santa Domenica 4, Taormina

Da Christina

Casual – This is a family run restaurant that has delicious food. It is perfect for fast food, take out or a casual light dinner.  Try their delicious arancini. Very reasonable prices if you are on a budget.
Address: Via Strabone 2, Taormina

Bam Bar
Bam Bar Taormina

Casual – There are many restaurants in Taormina, but for delicious desserts, Bam Bar is the place to go. They are famous for their granita topped with fresh whipped cream. Your taste buds will be thrilled with delightful desserts, brioche and cappuccino. Everything is fresh and delicious. Not only do they serve up amazing treats, but the atmosphere is just lovely with bright Sicilian ceramic table and tile furnishings.
Address:  Via Di Giovanni 45, Taormina

Restaurants by Taormina Beaches

Villa Carlotta RestaurantVilla Carlotta Restaurant Taormina

Fine Dining – Villa Carlotta is an exceptional restaurant with amazing views from the terrace overlooking the sea. The menu showcases fresh, local, great quality ingredients.  Some absolute stand out dishes: melt in your mouth, Nero D’Avola Filet steak; Swordfish Ravioli; Tuna on a bed of Kiwi & Orange Salad. If you like rose wine, try the Rose di Nere from Noto. The service is excellent and the dishes are beautifully presented.
Address: Via Luigi Pirandello 81, Taormina

Villa AntonioVilla Antonio Taormina

Fine Dining – Villa Antonio is something special. The food, the restaurant, the ambiance and the staff are wonderful. The sweeping views of the sea and Isola Bella cannot be topped. In addition, there is  real dedication to the wine list. Basically, anything on the menu will be delicious!
Address: Via Luigi Pirandello 88, Taormina


Taormina Nightlife

Nightlife in Taormina

You’re sure to enjoy the nightlife in Taormina since the town buzzes with energy!  Start your evening at one of the many places to have cocktails and relish the wonderful atmosphere.  Furthermore many of the hotels serve cocktails on their terraces or rooftops.  Taormina nightlifeNext, take off to a hot club if you want to dance into the wee hours of the morning. If you are low key or on a family vacation, enjoy the musicians and artists in the streets as well as gelato, granita or dessert! The piazza’s and walkways are busy with happy, beautiful people! You will be kept busy and entertained with Taormina nightlife.

At some point, savor dinner at one of Taormina’s delicious restaurants.  Sicilians usually have dinner between 9 and 10 pm.

Daiquiri Taormina

Daiquiri Cocktail and Wine Bar is situated on one of the most beautiful staircases in the heart of Taormina. The ambiance is terrific with Sicilian sculptures on the steps along with pretty seating areas with comfy pillows. You will enjoy delicious cocktails as well as light bites. This is definitely a place to enjoy the atmosphere and  watch people strolling by in the piazza below. Drink up the atmosphere and the yummy beverages!
Address:  Piazza Duomo, Taormina

La Giara

La Giara is the night club for Taormina.  First of all, it is very beautiful with a modern elegant design.  There is an outdoor area with beautiful views of the the lights shimmering on the sea.  This is a hot spot for Taormina nightlife. Crowds party and dance until the wee hours of the night.  It is centrally located right in the middle of town.  Although it is down a side staircase, you won’t miss it because you will see a red carpet and employees outside.  Admission was free, although there may be a time frame to that.
Address: Vico la Floresta, 1, Taormina

Morgana Bar
Taormina Morgana Bar

Nightlife in Taormina can start at Morgana Bar. It is a chic lounge with an open air garden.  It has a well dressed crowd, delicious cocktails, and good music.  Morgana is a small cozy place, right off Corso Umberto, and great for a nightcap and light bite.
Address: Scesa Morgana, 4

Hotel Timeo
Taormina Hotel Belmond Grand Timeo

For an elegant evening, enjoy a cocktail at the beautiful terrace of Hotel Timeo. You will have stunning views of lights sparkling in the sea as well Mount Etna and the lights of city center. The drinks are delicious and come with a plate of goodies to eat.


Taormina Greek Theatre

See a show at the Ancient Greek Theatre in Taormina. This is a fully modern entertainment venue.  Shows range from Sting and Brian Wilson to classic operas and the delicious sounds of Il Volo.  Various performances include concerts, operas, theatre productions, and symphonies. Make it an unforgettable night. Click here for upcoming events and to purchase tickets.

Daiquiri Taormina

Taormina Hotels

Taormina Hotels


Let me help you discover the best Taormina Sicily hotels that will make you so glad you chose! Certainly, there are so many Taormina hotels to choose from, but which will be the perfect one for you?  

In the first place, here are some things to consider. Do you want to be in the heart of the historical center, or on the outer edges. Do you prefer Taormina hotels with pools? If so, there are only a handful available. Do you want be in the lap of luxury or a stay at a value hotel.  Additionally, you may want to choose a hotel by the beach. However, the beach is a steep 20 minute walk down from town. Luckily, for 6 euros roundtrip, there is a funivia (cable car) back and forth.  All things considered, I will help you find your perfect choice!

Taormina View

In my opinion, staying in town center is best.  Taormina is built on a steep hillside overlooking the sea and the views are spectacular.  It is a very walkable town – essentially a pedestrian only resort.  Most hotels are no longer than a 15 minute walk to center. Some are on the main pedestrian walkway, Corso Umberto.

In conclusion, before you book, know your hotel basics. Do they have a shuttle to the beaches. Do you have to walk far with your luggage? Is there be a steep climb up to your hotel?


Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo

Grand Hotel Timeo

Luxury – For an unforgettable experience, the world-renowned and majestic, Grand Hotel Timeo, will more than fill your every wish.  Situated on a Sicilian clifftop, it overlooks the terracotta rooftops of the medieval town and sports a mesmerizing view of the shimmering Ionian Sea. The rooms are elegant, spacious and beautifully decorated, most with a beautiful views. You will receive personalized service and attention to detail from the amazing staff.

A MUST is relaxing and having a cocktail on their exquisite terrace or a dip in the pool. There are cascading gardens below and a magnificent view of the sea, Taormina rooftops and Mount Etna in the distance. The restaurant has delicious locally sourced Sicilian favorites and, of course, it is the most scenic restaurant I’ve ever been to. The hotel is perfectly located, as it is just steps off Corso Umberto.  It is also next door to the Ancient Greek Theatre, where ancient history mixes with amazing performances.  You will have an amazing experience during your stay at this magnificent hotel.
Tip:  Even if you are not staying here, definitely go for a cocktail, hors d’oeuvres and take in the amazing view from the grand terrace.  All are welcome.  Dress appropriately.
Address · Via Teatro Greco 59, 98039 Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Hotel Metropole Taormina

Hotel Metropole Taormina

Luxury with Pool – Incredible views, excellent service and great music on the terrace. Simply my favorite hotel in Taormina is Hotel Metropole. First of all it is located perfectly in the center of town withing walking distance of everything. Secondly, it sits cliffside with spectacular views of the sea from it’s terrace lounge and restaurant. Rooms also have sea views and some have Jacuzzi’s on their balconys. The staff is top notch and will help you with any need. In addition, your car service can pull up to drop off luggage on the lower floor behind hotel.

The infinity pool at Metropole is beautiful and refreshing after a hot day of sightseeing. Enjoy a swim and excellent cocktails by the pool! This is my favorite!!
Address: Corso Umberto 154, Taormina

The Ashbee Hotel
Taormina Ashbee Hotel

The Ashbee Hotel is on the grounds of a restored luxurious 1900’s villa. The rooms are elegant and refined including some with stone fireplaces. It is located 2 minutes outside the beginning of Taormina historic center on the grounds of a beautiful Mediterranean garden . It boasts a large panoramic terrace, an infinity swimming pool and incredible views of the sea. A wonderful view and breakfast is served on their rooftop terrace. You will have a wonderful stay in the beautiful boutique hotel.
Address:  Via San Pancrazio n. 46, Taormina

Hotel Taodomus

Superior – The Taodomus is a wonderful boutique hotel located in the center of Taormina on the wonderful pedestrian street, Corso Umberto. There is a lovely rooftop terrace with beautiful panoramic views.  In the morning, enjoy a delicious, bountiful breakfast served al fresco on the rooftop.  In the evening, watch the sunset and enjoy drinks at the Honesty rooftop bar. The rooms are spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated. It is an oasis of calm on the buzzing Corso Umberto, and steps from all that Taormina has to offer!
Tip: Save 10% if you book on  Hotel Taodomus’ website and they will also reserve your parking.
Address: Corso Umberto 224, 98039 Taormina, Sicily

Hotel La Pensione Svizzera
Taormina, Pensione Svizzera

Value: I like La Pensione Svizzera for it’s value, location, cleanliness and wonderful staff. This is a family run Sicilian hotel with charming gardens and lounge areas. Furthermore, you will be welcomed with a Sicilian bottle of wine. Most rooms have balconies with panoramic sea views. However, be aware that there is no elevator. Breakfast is amazing and served on the outdoor terrace with sea view. This hotel is a five minute walk to Porta Messina, which is the beginning of the Corso Umberto. On your way, you will pass the Cable Car (Funivia) which brings you up and down from Taormina to the beautiful beach area.  In addition, if you walk a few minutes in the other direction, you will find the bus station.
Address: Via Luigi Pirandello 26, 98039 Taormina, Sicily


B&B Varo
Taormina B&B Varo

B&B – This hidden gem is a terrific Bed & Breakfast in a wonderful local home. Varo B&B is perfectly located in beautiful little Piazza Varo. It is just steps (less than one minute) from the center of Corso Umberto.  Alessandra and Federico are the perfect hosts and will help you with anything!  In addition, you will have a wonderful breakfast on their scenic rooftop terrace.  Alessandra makes a wicked apple cake and the best cappuccino!  Absolutely delicious! The rooms and bathrooms are sparkling clean. In my opinion, this is the best B&B in Tormina!  You will love it!
Address:  Piazza Varo 10/12, 98039 Taormina Sicily


La Plage Resort
Taormina La Plage Resort

Luxury: First of all, La Place Resort is a five star luxury hotel on the beach with a gorgeous view of Isola Bella.  Secondly, the hotel and rooms are absolutely beautiful and elegant.  You will be in the lap of luxury and get VIP treatment from the staff. In addition, they have an exclusive spa to get pampered in.  A great place for a magnificent wedding reception.
Address: Via Nazionale, 107/A, Isola Bella, Taormina