Taormina Beaches

A wonderful destination for a beach vacation is Taormina Beaches. Perched high upon a cliff is the old town city of Taormina. However, the beautiful beaches of Taormina are located down below, facing the Ioian sea. This area is know as Taormina Mare. The main road is sprinkled a handful of hotels and restaurants. Cross the street and you will find beautiful bays with several beach clubs, all within walking distance. Taormina beaches are gorgeous. They sparkle with crystal clear, beautiful blue water. Also, they are smooth pebble and rock beaches, which is so pretty.

Taormina Beach

Of course the beach clubs (lidos) in Taormina are fully equipped with rentals of beds, umbrellas and towels. Furthermore, they have delicious restaurants on their property. It is Italian custom to take a break from sunning and have lunch at the beach. Additionally, there is also a free public beach connecting to the small pretty island of Isola Bella.

Taormina Beaches

At all the beaches you can find excursion boats to take you on a tour of the coast and bring you to the Grotto Azzura. I highly suggest taking the excursion. It is a delightful way to see some lovely areas, including going into caves. The boat also stops for swim in some of the most beautiful waters. There is music, fun and just a fabulous time! This is an experience that you will always remember! I recommend the excursion with Sebastian and Carmello.
Price – Summer 2022:  Depends on how many people, it can be from EUR 24 – 29pp.

Taormina Beaches Excursion Boats
My girls and I on the Excursion Boat – so much fun with music, swimming and beautiful sites!!!
Back from a great tour of the beautiful Bay of Mazzaro. We loved Grotto Azzurra and the landscape of Taormina, Isola Bella and Mt. Etna!

Taormina Beaches – How to get there

Taormina – Mazzaro Funivia – Connecting the historical town of Taormina with it’s beach area

If you are without a car, you may take a bus. But, a great option is the cable car or in Italian, the funivia. Indeed, It is located a short five minute walk from the east end of the Corso Umberto.  In my opinion, it is an exhilarating and fun ride down the mountain that only takes a few minutes!  It cost 3 euros one way or 6 roundtrip. Once you arrive at the bottom there are several beach clubs directly across the street, including the free public beach of Isola Bella.
Note: The funivia line gets crowded in the late afternoon.  Therefore, give yourself extra time if you have dinner reservations.

Walking to the Taormina Beaches

Walking to the beach- gorgeous!!!

It is a beautiful scenic walk from Taormina down to the beaches. You can walk down in 30 minutes but it took us about an hour, because we stopped so many times to take pictures of the beautiful scenery and amazing views! It is definitely worth it.
Walking Directions: First, exit the Corso Umberto via the arch of Porta Messina and bear right. Then continue past the funivia station, La Pensione Svizzeria and a gas station.  Second, bear left onto Guradiola Vecchia. You will come to a beautiful lookout area that you cannot miss. It almost looks like an ancient ruin with steps going up to the platform and columns on each side. Here you will wind up taking tons of pictures!  Third, you will see a painted wooden sign that says “Isola Bella” to the left of the steps. This points to the path going down to the beach. Enjoy your walk!

In Taormina, don’t worry about time, just stop and smell the roses!  After spending the day at La Plage Resort, we took the funivia back up to town.

Isola Bella Beach

Isola Bella is a tiny island and nature reserve which is connected to the mainland by a small strip of beach.  This is a free public beach that consists of pebbles and smooth rocks.  Just gorgeous!  Bring your own towels!

If you want sunbeds, umbrellas, towels and a great lunch, make sure to enjoy the Taormina Beach Clubs!!